About KCS

Mission Statement & Code of Conduct

At KCS, we exist for our mission and live our values. Our people, exceptionally talented and wholly dedicated, will allow us to one day reach our vision.

Mission Statement

At Kinney Construction Services, we exist to provide superior service to our clients, communities, and the world in which we live.
We achieve this through:

  • Fostering sustained client relationships. By understanding our clients' unique needs, we tailor specific service solutions that provide the greatest project value to the client.
  • Our continuous improvement culture. We expand the value and diversity of our offerings by growing our knowledge and experience in new project types, technologies, delivery methods, and industry innovations.
  • Doing all things in a socially responsible manner. We devote corporate and employee resources to positively impact the projects we work on, the communities we live in, and the planet we depend on.


We at KCS believe that the quality of our relationships and the exceptional reputation we have earned are the foundation to everything we do.  These cornerstones are developed by our people, by living our values through our profession.

This Code of Conduct was developed as a lamp light to help us see what it means to embody our values.

  • We will provide services to our clients with honesty, integrity, and with the utmost care and quality.
  • We will avoid, eliminate, and disclose conflicts of interest; defined as when an individual or corporation is in a position to exploit a personal, professional, or official function in some way for their personal or corporate gain.
  • We will negotiate and contract with clients, subcontractors, and vendors in a fair and honest manner.
  • We will keep privileged information, records, and documentation confidential to protect the best interest of KCS, our clients, subcontractors, vendors, coworkers, and professional relationships.
  • We will not discriminate as it relates to race, gender, religion, nationality, age, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • We will not disobey or break any laws while performing our jobs and representing the company.
  • We will continue to develop professional knowledge and competency.
  • We will strive to further the progress of the construction industry by nurturing research and education of ourselves and industry peers.

Because no list can be all inclusive of the situations we may face, we always strive to act in light of full disclosure.  We have the peace of mind of knowing that we would take the same action or make the same decision if all relevant facts and information were made known to all involved parties. 



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